Work streams

Within the CYB project consortium we are working towards a set of tangible deliverables, including:

eBus data taxonomy: Streaming a set of standardised BMS/eBus data across different bus types within the context of emerging standards like ITxPT.

Live charging data: Integrating live charge point data in operational planning, integrating the latest OCPP/OCPI protocols.

Drive Style optimisation: Influencing drivers to adopt the lowest possible energy profile by providing real-time feedback on drive style specifically tailored to electric buses while driving.

Planning optmisation: Adapting line and charge planning in virtual real-time by monitoring set line/charge schedules and performing dynamic re-planning in case of exceptions.

Battery monitoring: Monitoring life-time battery state-of-health by evaluating degradation patterns based on driving and charging patterns. Ensuring that buses are used in conformity with warranty conditions and proactive alerting if this is not the case.

Energy modeling: Optimising the fleet asset base per concession area by developing energy models based on actual energy usage for different road segments, ambient temperature, load, drive style, traffic intensity.

For more detailed information on any of the above, please contact the CYB project office.